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Runway Looks We Love: Gucci

Designer: Gucci

Season: Fall/winter 2015

Location: Milan

Notable guests: Salma Hayek

What was it like: It was a completely different look for Gucci, with creative director Allesandro Michele now at the helm. The usual runway scenario took a different turn, with the audience in the center of the room on risers, while models walked the outskirts–the exact opposite of the habitual fashion show runway scenario.

Why we love this collection: As InStyle‘s Fashion News Director Eric Wilson notes, the collection was a “flash of excitement and energy that has long been missing in the city.” This took form in washed silk dresses with tiers of ruffles to oddly creased floral-print suits which lead us to believe the following is true: the Contemporary is indeed the Untimely at Gucci these days.

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Runway Looks We Love: Ralph Lauren

Designer: Ralph Lauren

Notable Guests: Kanye West

Location: 550 Washington St.

What was it like: A frenzy of flashbulbs ensued as Kanye West entered the swanky chandelier-lit studio space (his first time attending the designer’s show), but as soon as the show began, the entire room instantaneously shifted their focus to a myriad of Western-inspired looks, holding true to Lauren’s sophisticated and timeless style. This time it came in the form of cashmere everything (from turtlenecks to skirts to dresses) in tonal shades, to cozy shearling patchwork coats and vests, to a gorgeous glittering bronze beaded dress complete with a snuggly chic topper and matching gloves.

Why we love this collection: Last season, we were wooed by an inspirational luxury safari theme that had us planning an exotic vacay, but this season, after a seemingly endless winter that just won’t let up, Lauren’s cozy chic collection comprised of layers of cashmere, shearling, and platform boots was exactly what the fashion doctor ordered.

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Runway Looks We Love: Vera Wang

Designer: Vera Wang

Location: 545 W. 22nd Street

What was it like: From the moody music to the grey-toned studio space, everything about Vera’s fall 2015 show was inherently sexy (including an appearance by fashion week all-star Kendall Jenner, who pranced down the runway in a cool babydoll-esque LBD).

Why we love this collection: Sure, Vera Wang’s 2015 collection was seeded heavily in black, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t feel the warmth of the collection from start to finish. From oversized fisherman cable pullovers that looked as cozy as they did understatedly sexy, to sultry crepe bustier tops with lace-up detailing that we’d eagerly slip on for a night on the town, the seasoned designer knocked it out of the park once again.

PHOTOS: Runway Looks We Love: Vera Wang