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Why Oprah Joined Selma: It Wasn’t For The Role…

Oprah Winfrey is a good friend– she’s willing to lend her star power to friends. Such as when David Oyelowo, who plays Martin Luther King, Jr. in the lauded film Selma, asked her to join the film to lift its profile, she told InStyle on the red carpet at the Film Independent Spirit Awards tonight (Feb. 21).

“I really just wanted to be behind the scenes helping him,” Oprah, who was presenting at the awards show, said. “He showed me this tape of himself as MLK, and I thought ‘Eh…it’s good…you need a little work. I know everyone else is going to tell you how amazing it is. But I can see him in you.’”

Surely, having Oprah on board has helped catapult Selma to the fore. She explained simply: “I came aboard to do what friends do when they can to try to lift the movie, where at least people would be able to see it.”

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12 Monkeys Premieres Tonight: Star Emily Hampshire Reveals What It’s Like to Take On Brad Pitt’s Iconic Movie Role

It may sound crazy, but Emily Hampshire is basically Brad Pitt. Don’t believe us? Just wait until you see her portrayal of a mental patient in Syfy’s new time-traveling series, 12 Monkeys. The Canadian actress takes on the female version of a character originally portrayed by Pitt in the 1995 film of the same title. “The writers didn’t know how anybody was going to live up to Brad’s part, so they changed the role to a woman,” Hampshire told InStyle during a recent visit to our New York offices. “His character’s name is Jeffrey Goines, and I’m Jennifer Goines.”

Despite the gender switch-up in the modern day take on the cult-classic, Hampshire said she was under “a lot of pressure” when reprising the role of Goines, who is enlisted to help a time traveler (played by James Cole) from the future as he tries to save the population from a deadly virus. “It’s the same character, but I’m not doing an impression of his performance—it’s totally new,” she said.

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Fans of the original 12 Monkeys will appreciate subtle nods to the original film. “They made a replica of the sweater that Brad wore in the movie,” Hampshire said. “It’s this grungy velour sweater from the nineties. Fans went crazy when they saw pictures of me wearing it at Comic-Con!” That one pullover is as far as it goes when it comes to similarities between Jeffrey and Jennifer Goines’s wardrobes.

Spoiler alert: Hampshire revealed that her character “comes into a lot of money” following a plot twist, and “starts wearing Christian Louboutins and Yves Saint Laurent dresses.” The actress just wishes that she knew how stylish her costumes would be when she first took on the role. “I thought my character would be wearing pajama pants in the hospital the whole time,” she said. “Now I wish I had asked to keep my wardrobe!”

Tune in to the show tonight, Jan. 16, at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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