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Meg Myers’s Tour Must-Haves Allow Her to “Get Crazy” on Stage

When 27-year-old Meg Myers hits the concert stage, she sings with a commanding fierceness. And before things got intense at this year’s Lollapalooza festival, where Myers performed songs from her second EP, Make a Shadow, in front of more than 100,000 people, we swooped in to get the scoop on her tour must-haves, which include fitted clothes, sneakers, and waterproof makeup. Here’s an excerpt from our chat:

Alex Reside for InStyle.com

What’s your favorite song to perform live?
Hmm. I think probably “Desire” or “Heart Heart Head.” Those generally are the ones that I have the most fun with—they’re typically last and I can really just give it my all.

What do you do to center yourself before performances?
I listen to dark classical music, it kind of helps to center me and I use this throat spray called Entertainer Secret—I’m sharing a secret with you guys! I also drink tea and I’ll inhale steams from the tea and that’s pretty much it … and drink a ton of water.

Crop tops take a certain kind of confidence …
I feel like I’ve become actually a little more comfortable with crop tops in the last year. Performing is pretty good cardio and it’s helped me be able to pull it off a little more, too. If I wear things that cover me too much then I look like I’m eaten up—I’m 5’3″ and just little. But yeah, I guess it has sort of become a bit of a signature thing.

Alex Reside for InStyle.com

Do you have any other staples?
Yes! These Do & Be shorts, I’ve worn them so much that all of the little embellishments are starting to fall off. I love to wear shorts and tight clothing because I move around so much on stage and don’t like to risk having anything fall out. And then I always finish off the look with Converse or Adidas—once again, I need shoes that I can get crazy in.

Alex Reside for InStyle.com

Do you have any on stage makeup must-haves?
Yeah, I want to look as natural as I can even though stage makeup is always a little bit more dramatic. Lately I’ve been sticking to It Cosmetics concealer—it looks so natural and it has ingredients that aren’t terrible for your skin; it covers up the circles I get under my eyes when I’m touring. I also like to use a nude eye shadow by Nars on the top lid and a little bit of Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner ($ 20; stilacosmetics.com). I sweat so much on stage and it’s waterproof, has a fine tip … it’s awesome.

Alex Reside for InStyle.com

—With reporting by Alex Reside

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