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The Story Behind Julianne Moore Weaning Herself from “Intellectual Fashion”

This isn’t Julianne Moore’s first time doing the Oscar circuit, but it’s arguably her best dressed awards season yet. At yesterday’s 87th Annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon, the Best Actress nominee wowed in a red flared peplum top and fringed pencil skirt by Prabal Gurung—but at the event Moore recalled a time when her fashion choices weren’t so on point.

PHOTOS: Julianne Moore’s Standout Red Carpet Looks

“Maybe I’ll get a laugh with this! The first time I went to the Oscar nominee lunch, I had just had a baby,” Moore reveals. “My publicist Stephen met me at the curb, and I got out of the car—I had decided to wear a coat, like a daycoat, a boxy coat—and he said, ‘Oh, my gosh. We have got to get you away from that intellectual fashion. That’s ridiculous!’ So anyway, the moral of the story is that I feel more comfortable now. My children are older, so I don’t have to wear something so misshaped.”

The Still Alice star also shared that this year’s group of nominees have made her experience incredible. “Oh, it’s so fantastic,” Moore says. “We’ve all gotten to know each other. It’s always exciting to see people. I’ve worked with so many of the other nominees. And this is lovely. It’s a great celebration.”

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—With reporting by Scott Huver

Julianne Moore’s Red Carpet Must-Have? A Good Spray Tan

When it comes to getting red carpet-ready, Julianne Moore knows what it takes to perfect her look. “I like a good spray tan—it’s a must,” Moore told InStyle at last week’s 2015 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, where she wowed in a Saint Laurent gown. “You have no idea how white I am because this is tan! Can you imagine what I’d look like without one? That would be horrible.”

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The actress, who yesterday earned a best actress Oscar nomination for her touching role in Still Alice, also revealed that she hasn’t always believed getting bronzed up was necessary or flattering: “Actually, there was a period in my career where every time I did a photo shoot, they always wanted to make me tan,” she shared. “They would tan me, and I would tell them that I looked like a Tootsie Roll or log. I’d be the same color as my hair!”

PHOTOS: Julianne Moore’s Standout Red Carpet Looks

—With reporting by Brianna Deutsch