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Haute Moments from the Dior Couture Show: Crazy Onesies, Fancy Raincoats, and More

Paris Couture Fashion Week is officially off! Last season, we saw some zany prints (think: rats and pigeons), cool gown-pant hybrids, and couture bike shorts sprinkled amid breathtaking creations. We didn’t think it was possible, but this season, couturiers have truly one-upped themselves.

To wit: Raf Simons inspired awe and shock when he opened the Dior Haute Couture spring 2015 show with what could be mistaken for raincoats, albeit fancy raincoats (below). The idyllic plastic toppers, crafted from what we can only venture to guess was PVC printed with scenic florals, practically upstaged the sequin-encrusted minis underneath.

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But if that didn’t elicit shock, the line-up of crazy one-pieces sure will. There were some wonderfully and chaotically printed in haphazard lines punctuated with graphic shapes, while there were others  that were striped and doused in all-over sequins (above).

And there were, of course, beautiful pannier-style pieces (a silhouette that carried over from last season) and other dreamy numbers to cry (slash drool) over. Ahead, check out the other couture moments from Dior, along with Atelier Versace, Schiaparelli, and more.

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Meg Myers’s Tour Must-Haves Allow Her to “Get Crazy” on Stage

When 27-year-old Meg Myers hits the concert stage, she sings with a commanding fierceness. And before things got intense at this year’s Lollapalooza festival, where Myers performed songs from her second EP, Make a Shadow, in front of more than 100,000 people, we swooped in to get the scoop on her tour must-haves, which include fitted clothes, sneakers, and waterproof makeup. Here’s an excerpt from our chat:

Alex Reside for InStyle.com

What’s your favorite song to perform live?
Hmm. I think probably “Desire” or “Heart Heart Head.” Those generally are the ones that I have the most fun with—they’re typically last and I can really just give it my all.

What do you do to center yourself before performances?
I listen to dark classical music, it kind of helps to center me and I use this throat spray called Entertainer Secret—I’m sharing a secret with you guys! I also drink tea and I’ll inhale steams from the tea and that’s pretty much it … and drink a ton of water.

Crop tops take a certain kind of confidence …
I feel like I’ve become actually a little more comfortable with crop tops in the last year. Performing is pretty good cardio and it’s helped me be able to pull it off a little more, too. If I wear things that cover me too much then I look like I’m eaten up—I’m 5’3″ and just little. But yeah, I guess it has sort of become a bit of a signature thing.

Alex Reside for InStyle.com

Do you have any other staples?
Yes! These Do & Be shorts, I’ve worn them so much that all of the little embellishments are starting to fall off. I love to wear shorts and tight clothing because I move around so much on stage and don’t like to risk having anything fall out. And then I always finish off the look with Converse or Adidas—once again, I need shoes that I can get crazy in.

Alex Reside for InStyle.com

Do you have any on stage makeup must-haves?
Yeah, I want to look as natural as I can even though stage makeup is always a little bit more dramatic. Lately I’ve been sticking to It Cosmetics concealer—it looks so natural and it has ingredients that aren’t terrible for your skin; it covers up the circles I get under my eyes when I’m touring. I also like to use a nude eye shadow by Nars on the top lid and a little bit of Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner ($ 20; stilacosmetics.com). I sweat so much on stage and it’s waterproof, has a fine tip … it’s awesome.

Alex Reside for InStyle.com

—With reporting by Alex Reside

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