What to wear on a night out in a casino

For many people, their first images of casino gaming may come from various entertainment sources such as film and television. You often see players dressed to the nines in tuxedos and evening gowns accessorized with jewels. While this is an appealing image, don’t rely on everything you see on television programs to determine what to wear for an evening out on the casino. Actually, this image of casino fashion is rather skewed and only exists in a few casinos around the world.

Smart clothing is generally in order when prepping for a night out at the casino. If a casino states that their dress code is smart or casual, this means that one’s legs
generally must be covered which excludes shorts from being worn. This is especially true in many casinos across Europe. Also, included in this are not wearing hooded sweatshirts or football jerseys. As night approaches, expect some casinos to more to a stricter policy. For men, this may require them to wear a jacket. While ties can be worn with these jackets, they usually aren’t required at most casinos. A nice shirt worn under the jacket would be an excellent choice for men to wear when planning on enjoying a night at the casino.

For the ladies, this can be a bit different. However, slacks can be worn. Dresses aren’t automatic requirements.However, this doesn’t mean wearing your cute little black dress isn’t a good idea. Avoid wearing high heels as this can often be uncomfortable. Many casino goers may need to do a bit of walking and one doesn’t want to bring home a set of sore feet at the end of the night. Knowing what to wear to a land based casino is definitely different than one’s attire when playing online casino games at sites such as http://www.casinoonline.co.nz where you can get away with plying in your pajamas if you like.

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