Inside Ralph Lauren’s First NYC Restaurant, The Polo Bar

January 8, 2015 @ 5:42 pm

If you thought the fashion set were the only ones flocking to the gorgeous Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store in Manhattan, think again. Starting Friday, those looking to grab a decadent bite can get their fix at the store as well. That’s when Ralph Lauren‘s third restaurant, the Polo Bar, opens its doors to the public.

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“It’s just this amazing Ralph Lauren world,” says InStyle Fashion News Director Eric Wilson, who attended the Polo Bar’s celeb-studded industry tasting on Wednesday night. Guests like Donna Karan and Calvin Klein got a sneak peek of the interior of the gorgeous restaurant as well as the impeccable selection of seasonal specialties. “It’s really amazing because it’s very clear that [Ralph] has spent months fine-tuning the exact experience of what this restaurant is going to be like,” Wilson says. “Not just the interior design, which is, you know, spectacular in this kind of dreamy caramel leather banquette booth interior, but also down to the way the staff greets you.”

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The first floor of the restaurant features a brass-topped bar and cozy nook (top), where guests can enjoy cocktails, oysters, and other light fare before heading downstairs to the main dining room (above). “I’m drawn to the kind of food that people truly enjoy—vibrant food that people want to return to time and again,” Lauren said in statement. The seasonal menu will feature classic American cuisine like a corned beef sandwich, the Polo burger, and steaks from Lauren’s own ranch in Colorado. The dessert specialty is Ralph’s Coffee Ice Cream, made with Ralph’s Custom Coffee Blend.

The Polo Bar opens Friday, Jan. 9, at 3 p.m.

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Get an Exclusive Peek at Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl’s Film Debut for La Mer

One of our favorite style couples, Olivia Palermo and her husband, Johannes Huebl, are starring in the first film in a series for luxurious skin care line La Mer, and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek!

Called “Illuminating Moments,” the short films are part of a global digital campaign featuring glamorous couples from around the world. It officially launches on La Mer’s site tomorrow, along with the company’s newest innovation: its Illuminating Eye Gel ($ 145;, made from the same magical ingredients as one of La Mer’s most popular products, the moisturizing cream Crème de la Mer (something everyone at InStyle happens to be obsessed with). It brightens eyes on contact and fights early signs of aging.

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The series will feature three short vignettes showcasing beautiful and successful couples from New York City, Paris, and Seoul, who each represent modern love. Palermo and Huebl are at the center of the first story, and in the gorgeous video below, the fashion power couple is captured sharing a moment in their busy lives that’s punctuated with missed connections.

Palermo chatted exclusively with InStyle about working with her husband, the makeup line that changed her life, and her favorite La Mer product.

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What was it like to work with your husband?

Oh, it was wonderful. We really enjoy working together. It wasn’t our first day, and hopefully it won’t be our last. With Johannes being a photographer and also being a model for 17, 18 years, and myself being a model, it just made it nice. We always give little suggestions to one another, but it was a good day, and I think as a team it was awesome and we all had fun.

Have you been a fan of La Mer for a long time? Has it been one of your go-to brands?

I love La Mer products. I mean, who doesn’t? La Mer is amazing. I definitely incorporate La Mer into my skin regimen. One of my favorites is the body creme. The Illuminating Eye Gel is fantastic. I’m a person who prefers serum over heavier creams—it’s just lighter for my skin. Each skin type is different, so you have to see what works for you. I really like the history behind La Mer, and there’s elements that come from the ocean, and Johannes and I are very much into water and the beach and I definitely feel, when I come back from being on the beach, that my skin has a little bit of a difference, so if La Mer can help me achieve that, I think that’s awesome.

In the winter, when you’re inside and it’s cold, do you feel your skin change?

For sure. For me, I’m constantly traveling, so my skin is in the sky most of the time, and it’s dry on the airplane. It’s very important to stay hydrated. There’s a combination of things: It’s a combination between making sure you stay hydrated, and your diet—that you’re eating all your fruits and vegetables.

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In the video you two are getting ready for a night out. Is that really what it looks like when you get ready? Do you help each other?

Johannes and I, we really get ready separately, but I think it’s nice sometimes when you’re getting ready, sometimes you talk to each other running through the apartment. Every once in a while I might ask him to help with one of my tricky zippers—which everyone has, I’m sure, in their closet—and then he comes to my rescue and helps me with a clasp or a zipper, but other than that, we meet at the door like you see at the end of the movie.

I love the subtle cat eye that you’re wearing in the video. Is that that something you can do yourself?

Oh, definitely! I think it’s important to experiment with makeup and have experts explain different ways for you to try something at home. And I’ve been so fortunate for years to work with the best hair and makeup people, so I’ve picked up one or two tips along the way, and I just know that there are different shapes that can work for me. Luckily, I’m able to do my own hair and makeup, so if I want to do a round eye, or smoky eye, or cat eye, I can achieve them.

What are some of the best makeup tips you’ve learned?

Well, I think Charlotte Tilbury has an amazing makeup line that I’ve worn this past year. It’s changed my life. I think it goes back to skin regimens and different products to use. Each person’s skin and type is different. For me, I really like powders for eye shadows, and I like pencils for eyeliner and not necessarily gels—my eyes get a little irritated by that. And then, you just have to figure out which products work because they’re all different and some of them have different formulas, and also you have to remember that sometimes the formulas change throughout the year.

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Travel Like an Editor: InStyle’s Fashion Director Melissa Rubini Goes To St. Bart

I really needed a break! And for that, there is always St. Bart’s.

St. Bart’s (or St. Barthelemy) is an island in the Caribbean with French heritage and lots of glamour. Get ready to rub shoulders with celebrities and the most stylish fashion crowd from around the globe. Although, don’t worry, relaxing is what it is all about– having a very laid back couple of days in the sun, cocktails and laughs.

This tiny island is one of those places that I can go to and leave all my worries and stress behind – massages by the beach anyone? My life is so hectic with fashion shoots, deadlines, travel and crazy schedules. So when I go, it’s very much about recharging, being in the sun and having a glass of rose in the end of the day (my favorite while there is Domaines Ott). It’s about letting go of schedules and having fun with your kids.

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To make your life easier and enjoy the perfect stay, go to Wimco Villas ( There you will find a range of villas offering a wide variety of sizes, amenities, and prices. They assign you a concierge and take care of everything, from flights (try TradeWind, one step short of having your own private jet), airport transfers, rental cars, reservations for anything and everything … believe me, it’s a complete package, and I am not one to be easily pleased.

I absolutely love cooking while I am there! To be able to go to the boulangerie (French for bakery) in the morning after doing yoga and pick up fresh croissants or stop by the market on your way back from the beach (definitely checkout Saline beach, my fave) to get the catch of the day plus fresh vegetables is just heaven. (Besides, it’s much more budget-friendly than room service and restaurants!) Never fear, if cooking is not your thing, go to Maya’s or Bonito (the best ceviches) for dinner or Do Brasil for lunch at the beach and an amazing passion fruit caipirinha – I am Brazilian after all!

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The whole feeling of the island is the perfect marriage of glam and down-to-earth– isn’t that what InStyle girls are all about? Leave your heels behind and get ready to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. So often we get very much attached to a certain look … but it’s vacation time so, feel free to try something new! How about more color? Or 60’s Brigitte Bardot for inspiration? Whatever it is, have fun with it! Create a character for yourself.

Because I’m a stylist, I do that with the celebrities we photograph. I project all of the other women that I could possibly dress like on photo shoots, so when it comes to vacation, it’s time for me to try something fun on myself. Day to day, I would never wear a white eyelet dress, that’s just too girly for me. And it’s not every day that I would wear coral nails with pink lipstick and pile on Delfina Delettrez rings with different colored stones. But in St. Bart’s, I will totally go for it. It helps you get away from your reality. Go ahead, break your rules—that’s what vacations are for.

And for me, there’s no better place for rule breaking than St. Bart’s.

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The Robot that Sends Thank You Notes — in Your Handwriting

Below is an excerpt from “Ghost Writer,” which originally appeared on PureWow. Read the full story at

Remember handwriting?

If you’re anything like us, you used to take quiet pride in yours—but now can’t hold a Bic for more than two minutes without cramping up.

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To continue the tradition of artisanal penmanship without, well, having to lift a pen, sign up for Bond, a new service that writes handwritten notes on your behalf and (wait for it) in your handwriting.

Here’s how it works: After paying a one-time fee of $ 200, you’ll be sent an intake form. Fill out the form by writing a bunch of sentences in your best and fanciest handwriting and then mail it back. Bond’s super-smart robots will then analyze your scrawl and learn to mimic it perfectly–such that even your own mother wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

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From then on, anytime you want to send a note, you can type up your message on the Bond website and behold as the robots “write” and mail it for you. (All you’ll pay is $ 3 for the card.)

Not ready to train robots to be your personal scribes? You can also take advantage of Bond’s free option. Just choose from a selection of pre-programmed handwriting samples and type out what you want to say.

There’s a good chance no one remembers what your real John Hancock looks like anyway.

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Botkier Launches Its First-Ever Jewelry Collection

You can now match your arm candy to your Botkier bag! The accessories brand best known for offering practical totes and satchels has just launched its first-ever jewelry collection. With prices ranging from $ 58 to $ 188, the line delivers an assortment of bracelets, rings, and necklaces available now on

In the brand’s signature no-fuss style, the collection features zipper-adorned leather cuffs ($ 128) with magnetic closures for effortless wear. “It feels really good to snap these on and off,” designer, Monica Botkier, tells InStyle. “They’re all about ease, function, and fun.”

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Like the bags, the pieces are made to be efficient. “Creating the custom hardware of the bags and working in metals that convey a unique point of view is much like designing jewelry,” Botkier says. But there is one main difference when it comes to the design process of a leather cuff and its lookalike satchel ($ 248). “Handbags follow my strict function code and have a lot of practical punch, whereas jewelry is decorative,” Botkier says.

One thing that the brand’s totes and bling have in common? The same signature detailing. “Zippers are one of the most functional pieces to add to any item,” Botkier says. “They inherently have a biker feel or punk-rock vibe, but they can also be very sleek.” She adds, “It’s the rocker-chic girl in all of us that can relate to that sensibility.”

And while it may only seem sensible to sport the same metallic hue on both your wrist and your shoulder, Botkier encourages switching it up a bit. “I definitely like to mix and match my gold and silver tones,” she says. “Bag hardware and jewelry don’t have to match.”

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