Solange Knowles’ Summer Wardrobe Staple? Wearable Produce!

Few things say “summer” like a bevy of tropical fruit—and we’re not just talking about it from an edible perspective. When it comes to warm-weather dressing, brighter is always better, and prints reign supreme over solids. So when the two sartorially combine in the form of wearable produce, it’s pretty much a fashion ace. And few people demonstrate the wearability of fruit prints with more ease than Solange Knowles. The singer and former Destiny’s Child member has been spotted on more than one occasion sporting the tasty trend—most recently at Q&Q’s U.S. launch event at Open House Gallery (above, right), where she seamlessly paired two Christopher Kane separates with a crystal-crusted lemon wedge handbag by Kate Spade. “I don’t know what my obsession is with fruits this season,” Knowles told of her statement-making accessory. “Yellow is my favorite color to wear. If it was a banana, I’d be wearing it.”

But Knowles doesn’t limit herself to the sunny hue, of course. A champion of mixed prints, she’s paired nearly every color of the rainbow in her bold, risk-taking ensembles. Her go-to trend this year, as last (above, left at Coachella 2013), promises to be a veritable fruit cocktail, harking back to 2011, when Prada and Stella McCartney both showed bold citrusy prints in their spring collections. The trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon: “Melody Ehsani made some really adorable watermelon earrings that I just got,” Knowles said. “I also just got a pineapple ring, and I saw this other lemon dress at Opening Ceremony. My mom [Tina] was actually with me when I saw it and said, ‘If you buy one more thing with the fruit, this is just going to be embarrassing for you.’” Our verdict? Keep the fruit coming.

A-Lister: Tell Us Who Made Your Best Dressed List!

This week, some of Hollywood’s most stylish ladies stepped out wearing stunning ensembles that gave everyone in our office something to talk about. Now it’s your turn to tell us whose getup made your Fashion A-List by choosing your five favorite style moments from this week’s Look of the Day.

Who made it on our list? Emma Stone (in A.L.C.), Solange Knowles (in Christopher Kane), Jaime King (in Carolina Herrera), Emma Watson (in Narciso Rodriguez), and Jennifer Lawrence (in Phillip Lim). Now that you know our faves, tell us yours by making your own Top 5 with’s A-list tool. Visit and pick your top looks, then share them with your fashion-savvy friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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Cause Celeb: Amanda Peet Wants All Children to Have a Shot at Life by Getting Vaccinated

When Amanda Peet’s daughter, Molly, was just 8 months old, she contracted whooping cough, also known as pertussis. She had already received two of the three shots necessary to be fully immunized from this potentially fatal respiratory illness, which strikes 10,000 to 40,000 adults and children in the United States each year. For Peet, the situation was beyond terrifying. “She was sick–really, really sick–for six weeks,” she says (Molly, now 4, has fully recovered). The health scare reaffirmed Peet’s interest in advocating for vaccines around the world. She’d been vocal on behalf of smaller pro-vaccine organizations in the past but in 2012 was approached by the United Nations Foundation (UNF) to get even more involved. So last summer she traveled to kenya as an ambassador for their Shot@Life campaign, which offers free immunizations against illnesses such as measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and polio. “Ever 20 second a child dies from a disease that could’ve been prevented by a vaccine that already exists,” says Peet.

For most people, vaccinations are just something doctors say you have to do, so you do it. Molly’s illness must have changed your perspective on their importance.

It did. It was particularly scary because we had potentially exposed a lot of our friends’ babies, who weren’t fully vaccinated yet. Thankfully, none of them caught it.

Are you surprised by the controversy surrounding vaccines in this country? 

It’s a very complicated and divisive issue. But in my family growing up, science was the thing. So I say what I always say: Look at the data. Talk to the scientists and researchers. Talk to pediatricians, biochemists, and vaccinologists. Don’t talk to people who don’t actually know what they’re talking about.

Is the pro-immunization movement working?

Domestically, yes. The fact that the 1998 study [linking the MMR vaccine to autism] was refuted was a huge turning point in the anti-vaccine fervor here. [The study was also retracted by the medical journal that originally published it.] But I’m still very concerned about the developing world, where children just don’t have access to vaccinations.

What took you to Africa with Shot@Life, and where did you focus your energy?

There was an outbreak of polio that required attention, so the first place we went was Nairobi. I went to some medical facilities where polio shots were being administered to children. Then we went southwest to Migori and visited a couple of villages that were also doing a polio campaign.

Is your impression that the communities understand the importance of vaccines?

We met a young boy whose mother and two siblings are blind. He had walked his little sister three miles to the community center to get immunized. The sense of communal parenting was an inspiration.

Are you optimistic that these diseases will get wiped out?

It’s so overwhelming. You feel like, God, I can’t do anything. How will we ever get this done? But they did it in India with polio. It was incredibly complicated, but they did it. So yes, I know we can do this.

–Kevin Hayes

For more, turn to page 96 of InStyle’s May issue, now available on newsstands and for digital download.


The ’90s Are Alive and Well! Betsey Johnson Revives Her Iconic Must-Have Styles

It’s no secret that the ’90s are back in a big way this spring, and Betsey Johnson is giving all you lovers of the hallowed decade a major reason to be excited. Urban Outfitters has just released Betsey Johnson Vintage For UO, an exclusive capsule collection that brings the designer’s fun and flirty ’90s classics back to life.

The retailer replicated Johnson’s most loved creations from one of our favorite decades, including floral-print maxi-dresses, lace slip frocks, and a pouffy pink tulle confection. Cure your nineties nostalgia with one of the collection’s eight pieces ($ 89 to $ 350), and style the designs in traditional grunge fashion with plaid button-downs, a chunky cardigan, leather jackets, and biker boots, or opt for something sweeter.

Feel like you missed out on those iconic Betsey Johnson dresses from the ’90s? See the full Betsey Johnson Vintage For UO collection in our gallery, and shop the line now in select Urban Outfitters stores and on

Only On InStyle! Mad Men’s Alison Brie Dishes On Trudy Campbell’s Transformation

With the seventh and final season of Mad Men off to a great start, seeing how much Don, Joan, Peggy and the gang have changed over the years is more obvious than ever. One of the most dramatic transformations of all is that of Trudy Campbell, played by the talented Alison Brie, who goes from being head-over-heels in love with her husband Pete Campbell, to kicking him out of their family home in season 6. We caught up with the actress, currently starring alongside Adam Scott in a series of hilarious videos for Smirnoff, to find out what it was like developing Trudy as a character, and how she grew from year to year.

“It’s really interesting working on a TV show like this where everything that happens to the character is a constant surprise,” Brie tells exclusively. “I think Trudy started out seeming very superficial and driven by money and appearances. We definitely saw real growth as she struggles with trying to conceive and start a family, which makes you realize that she has more at stake in this life, and has deeper wants and needs than it appeared.”

Trudy later gives birth to her daughter and moves with Pete out of the city to Westchester, and her defining moment came at the end of season 6, when Trudy demands Pete to leave upon discovering he had cheated with a woman from their neighborhood. “I always got the sense that she knew what he was up to most of the time and was willing to look the other way, so it was nice to see her stop putting up with it,” Brie adds. “She found that strength that had always been there, but it was a quiet strength. To see her finally voice it and become this total badass — it was such a good reveal, and it’s a nice confirmation for everyone to know that she’s a lot smarter than she seemed at times.” Amen to that!

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“She found a strength that had always been there, but it was a quiet strength.” – @AlisonBrie

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No word yet on if Trudy will make a return for the final season (fingers crossed!), but we think her story isn’t quite over. (And any excuse to see her amazing ’60s-era wardrobe is as good as any for us.) “Trudy is very fashion-forward, which I love about her,” says Brie, who notes that a few of her favorite pieces were from the third season. The most-notable for Brie?  Her look in the episode The Grown Ups, in which the assassination of John F. Kennedy became an integral part of the plot. “Trudy and Pete were leaving for the wedding of Roger Sterling’s daughter, but decide not to go once they hear the news about JFK. Before that happens, she comes out in this amazing blue dress, and it could not have been tighter!” she says. “It was a little hard to breathe, but every time I see pictures of it, I’m always like, ‘That was such a killer dress!’ It’s immediately what I think of when I remember my all-time favorite Trudy outfits.” Tune in to a new episode of Mad Men Sunday at 10 PM EST on AMC, and click through our gallery to check out the best looks from season 7 so far!

This Week’s Wow: Dior and I Delivers an Intimate Look at Christian Dior, Past and Present

In this weekly feature, InStyle’s Fashion News Director Eric Wilson shares his favorite fashion moment of the week, and explains how it could shape styles to come. Look for it on What’s Right Now every Friday.

The Moment: The opening scene of Dior and I, an engaging new documentary that follows the designer Raf Simons (pictured above, in a scene from the film) at the moment of his arrival at the house in 2012, juxtaposes archival footage of Christian Dior in the late 1940s with scenes of Simons in the present. We first see Simons from behind, as he is introduced to the workers in Dior’s ateliers, and even from that vantage, he is visibly uncomfortable, and anxious about how he will be received in his new role.

For the director, Frédéric Tcheng, who débuted the film at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday night, it may have been an approach that risked prematurely elevating Raf Simons to mythical status, by comparing him to Dior even as he begins his job as a couturier. Simons himself says in one scene that he does not want to suggest, “in any way,” that he considers himself to be as talented a designer. But emphasizing a sense of nearly metaphysical connectivity between the two men, toggling as the film does between historic and contemporary scenes, turned out to create an effective narrative, since it so neatly mirrors the approach that Simons is seen taking as he creates his first haute couture collection.

“The idea of juxtaposing something from that time with something from this time—that for me is modern,” Simons says in the film, describing one of his designs.

Parallels between the two designers are made evident almost from the start. The way they stand. How they address the workers in the atelier (pictured below). The mutual interest in modernity. The incredible sense of tension they face as they approach their work.

While he was researching the life of Christian Dior, Tcheng says, “I was surprised how intimate his autobiography was and how he talked about the work in great detail, but also his own relationship with the work and his relationship with image.”

When he met Simons, who was a reluctant subject, at least at first, “I saw a little bit of the same dynamics,” he says. “As I kept reading the autobiography, a lot of parallels started appearing in the past and present. What goes on in the workroom today versus 55 years ago is pretty much the same—not only the skills and traditions, but the same emotions and relationship to the work.”

This Week's Wow2

Courtesy of CIM Productions

Why It’s a Wow: At the film’s climax, Tcheng approaches his subject like a producer on “Shark Week,” drawing out the big moment of the couture show with slow-motion, high-definition footage that captures the expression of every editor and designer in the house. Hamish Bowles leans in for a closer look at the embroideries. Jennifer Lawrence turns her head at the sight of a dress. Simons, backstage, is an emotional wreck.

Among recent fashion documentaries, it’s one of the best, and most coherent, I’ve seen. Although the film curiously makes no mention of the scandal of John Galliano’s disgrace at Dior that preceded the hiring of Simons, it otherwise seems unflinchingly honest. With only two months to prepare his first collection, Simons was under enormous pressure, and reacted at times slightly grouchily. In one scene, as he is told that work on his dresses have been delayed because a head of his atelier had gone to New York for a fitting—”We can’t say no to our clients,” he is told— Simons snaps. “You also can’t say no to me,” he says.

Learn More: If you can’t make it to screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival this week, watch the trailer for Dior and I, and hope someone picks this film up for broader distribution, because you can’t say no to Raf.

Emilio Pucci’s First App Introduces a New Kind of #Selfie

Looking for a way to spice up your selfies? Why not try a scarfie instead! Emilio Pucci has launched its first mobile app which adapts the selfie trend and spotlights the brand’s most iconic accessory—the printed silk scarf—in a playful and creative way. The Emilio Pucci Scarfie app allows you to choose one of the label’s signature scarves styled in a variety of ways on the head, neck or wrist and snap a photo of yourself wearing it. You can use the app as a virtual dressing room to try on different styles and prints, and then share them with your friends! Tag your post #PucciScarfie and @emiliopucci, and the brand may even share your image on their Tumblr page.

After choosing your favorite design, you can shop the silky accessories in a variety of gorgeous designs on, straight from the app.

Download the Emilio Pucci Scarfie app for free on an iPhone, iPad, or Android from the iTunes app store, and post your own #scarfie now.

Doctor-Approved Secrets to Treating Varicose Veins

April 14, 2014 @ 2:32 pm

When you decide to show off your gams this spring, the last thing you want to showcase is a spidery, blue-green bulge on your calves. While varicose veins can be hereditary, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them forever! We quizzed doctors for a decade-by-decade plan of attack and came up with plenty of non-surgical ways to keep the unsightly situation at bay, whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond. From collagen-boosting moisturizers to fashionably compressive pantyhose, uncover the secrets to treating varicose veins at any age in our gallery! 

Jamie Chung’s Bridal Fashion Week Diary

Whether we’re swooning over her flawless style or taking note of her beauty must-haves, we’re always admiring the gorgeous, sweeter-than-pie Jamie Chung (note: she really is the nicest, coolest girl ever).

So when she invited us along to experience Bridal Fashion Week with her in New York City while she hunts down the perfect wedding dress, we slipped on our finest swingy spring skirt, freshened up our bold red lip and hopped in a cab to go hang with her.

The actress, who is planning her wedding to fiancé and fellow actor Bryan Greenberg (have you seen her stunning engagement ring?), and is also starring on NBC’s new J.J. Abrams-produced drama, Believe, is quite the busy little bee. But finding a couple of afternoons to squeeze in bridal gown perusing? No problemo.

Day one kicked off with a private visit to Monique Lhuillier’s Madison Avenue showroom, where the designer took Chung through her breathtaking new collection. After meeting Lhuillier and taking one glance at a room full of romantic statement gowns, Chung realized choosing a wedding dress might be harder than she anticipated. “I turned to Monique and before I could even say anything, she said ‘don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of time to figure it out,’” said Chung.

By the end of the afternoon, Chung came to the conclusion that perhaps playing princess for the day is exactly the kind of wedding look she had in mind. “Growing up I was the tomboy, playing sports and getting dirty,” Chung shared. “I never daydreamed about my ‘big day,’ nor did I ever want to be the princess. It wasn’t until this very moment, standing in Monique’s showroom, I realized I do want to be the princess in a fairy-tale wedding…This is really happening!”

 See the photos of Jamie Chung at Bridal Fashion Week

“I took a step back to look at the collection as a whole and I found myself in a glorious cloud of silk, satin, tulle and crystals. This must be what heaven looks like!”

The next morning, we met Chung for coffee (a lot of coffee) and croissants before dashing off to the Marchesa Spring 2015 Bridal collection show at Canoe Studios, where she sat front row in a gorgeous bold red blazer by Reese and Riley and skirt by Elizabeth and James, which she accessorized with the perfect red lip. Her seat mate? None other than film honcho Harvey Weinstein, playing the good hubby (he’s married to Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman).

Jamie Chung

Courtney Dudley

So, after seeing all those gowns sashaying down the runway, what will she wear on her big day? The verdict is still out, but our new favorite girl-next-door says she’s now rethinking what she wants in a wedding dress in the first place. “I’m really loving the colored dresses,” she says. “I thought I wanted a white dress but now I’m considering a bit of color!”

Take a step behind the scenes with Jamie as she attends fashion shows and visits designer showrooms in our gallery, Jamie Chung’s Fashion Week Diary.


Genius Invention! Here’s Why We No Longer Fear Wearing White Pants

While a pair of white jeans may be a spring must-have and look gorgeous when flawlessly clean, one small misstep—like spilling a few drops of your morning latte—can leave your crisp pants ruined. Now, thanks to Joe’s Jeans, you don’t need to avoid white denim any longer. The brand has created a line of stain-resistant white denim, appropriately named “Spotless,” which allows you to be a little more relaxed in your quest to keep your white denim pieces looking new.

Courtesy Photo

The stay-true hue and innovative wash treatment repels spills and resists liquids, including water, coffee, soda, and even the worst type of stain—wine. While the pieces won’t ward off pigment based colors such as lip gloss, makeup, nail polish, paint or other products of a similar composition, they will stay white much longer than your average pair of snowy colored jeans. The Joe’s Jeans “Spotless” collection features several classic styles—skinny jeans in multiple lengths, a pencil skirt, bermuda shorts, standard cutoff shorts, and trousers, all for your springtime enjoyment.

Fear white denim no longer! Shop the Joe’s Jeans “Spotless” collection ($ 149 – $ 189) now at and experience white jeans, stain-free.

Check out our gallery featuring 30 ways to style your denim!